Ponds Light Moisturiser

What’s in the looks?

[bigletter]The Ponds light moisturiser comes in a sleek-looking container. It is nicely packed with a soothing colour combination of sea green and white. Looks neat and is easy to carry. [/bigletter]


Key ingredients

Vitamin E, Glycerine


What about it?

I must say the first thing I noticed when I opened the container was its fluffy texture. It is light and blends to the skin with ease, as it doesn’t leave any oily residue. The fragrance is quite strong as compared to the classic Ponds cream. If you are someone who likes to use fragrant moisturisers you will certainly like it. But if you are someone like me, you won’t want to use such a strong fragrance on your face. Although I must say it’s a pleasant fragrance and I will like to use it as a body moisturiser. The best thing is the feathery light texture and its ease of application.

Retail price INR 115 for 74gm


What I observed

  • Yes, the claim for the non-oily fresh feel is true.
  • The fragrance is a bit strong.
  • Reapplication is required during the day.
  • Best suited for oily to normal skin.

I had to reapply it during the day as I have dry skin.


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