Colorbar Spinner Lip Balm

What’s in the looks?

[bigletter]I must say this looks really cool and will grab your attention for sure. It doesn’t just look like a fidget spinner but can even spin like one. This lip balm AKA spinner has three compartments each having a picture of the fruit representing the variant in it. [/bigletter]

Key ingredients

Polyisobutene, Tridecyl Trymellitate

What about it?

With such clear packaging, one can easily know which compartment is for which particular flavoured balm. The fragrance is like a candy of that flavour and stays for a few minutes after the application.
I will say it is moisturising but did not feel that deep moisturising effect which I was expecting.  However, it did heal my parched lips after three to four applications over a period of 24 hours. It’s easy to carry and retails for INR 500. I got it under an inaugural offer for INR 250. It may not be available at the inaugural price now.
Its spinner can keep you occupied on a boring office day. Hope you are not reading this blog in your office. If you are just check that your boss is not standing right behind you.

What I observed

  • Reapplication required
  • It nourishes but does not provide deep nourishment
  • Looks are really innovative
  • If you have been following my blog you will know by now that putting my finger repeatedly in my stuff makes me a bit uncomfortable.

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